Don Gerardo Frasco is a filmmaker trained in the art and craft of Cinematography.  

His skills derive from his initial education as a Still Photographer at the International Academy of Film and Television in 2006, and as a Director at the New York Film Academy in 2009.  After graduating from the One-Year Filmmaking program, Don spent half a year interning at XXXXMagazine under fashion photographer Indira Cesarine, shooting fashion videos for the online magazine.  He also gained extensive experience through freelance work as Director of Photograhy, Gaffer, and Assitant Camera on several shoots.  Don returned to the New York Film Academy in 2011 to complete the One-Year Cinematography program, where he became intimately experienced with the RED, 16mm, and 35mm.

Since then, Don has been the Cinematographer for over thirty short films - including Scott Graham’s A Biscuit for Jacque, Nicole Libassi's Rebirth, Anna Skrypka's A Way Out, Charles Ancelle's Anomy, Benjamin Villeda's Happy Hour, Rustam Abiev and Sandro Gorduladze's In A Sense – along with five fashion videos.  He was also a creative consultant for John Henri Alston’s feature film, Red Butterfly.

Don’s experience as a director has made him peerless in his sensitivity for lighting and camerawork.  His cinematography is deeply influenced by the emotions of the characters, which makes his work subjective, unique, and powerful.

Don’s special joy on set is in lighting, especially when coupled with a can of Red Bull.

Written by Scott Acornley, January 2012.  Updated & Revised by Don Frasco, September 2012

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